Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday Celebration Sale

Yesterday my bestie and twinsie turned 31 years old!  I'll speak for the both of us and say we had an AWESOME day!  Church, family, friends, food (momma's home-cookin'), and a massage by our nieces.  Yay!  In celebration we're having a 31% sale off of 11 *selected items in our stores.  11? you ask!  Well, 10 and + to grow on! :)

31 years old - 31% off - 31 hours only!  Go NOW!!!

Click here to go to my store and click here to go to Julie's store!

Y'all, they seriously massaged us for like 30 minutes!  It was a GREAT birthday present!

I had to share the drawing that Hudson made for my for my birthday!  Sooooo adorable.  He worked on it all day (in the car)...on the way to and from church morning and night!  I think it is the sweetest thing!  * cell phone bottom right corner.  He said "I know you love your phone, so that's why I drew a picture of it!"  Hahaha!