*Challenge words are in parentheses*
Iris and Walter ~ drum, rock, list, desk, job, sad, chop, sack, tag, rib, mess, and dust (pocket, lettuce, and engine)

Exploring Space with an Astronaut ~ tune, page, nose, space, size, fine, mice, late, cube, blaze, home, and vote (erase, spice, and confuse)

Henry and Mudge ~ stop, strap, nest, hand, brave, ask, clip, stream, mask, twin, breeze, and state (browse, straight, and skeleton)

A  Walk in the Desert ~ talked, talking, dropped, dropping, excited, exciting, lifted, lifting, hugged, hugging, smiled, and smiling (dragging, amazed, and danced)

The Strongest One ~ bunch, that, wish, patch, when, what, math, them, shape, whale, itch, and chase (whiskers, switch, and shrimp)

Tara and Tiree ~ part, hard, born, horse, before, more, smart, farm, porch, corn, chore, and score (cardinal, therefore, and morning)

Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat ~ I'll, wasn't, it's, he's, I'm, didn't, who's, she's, we'll, isn't, hasn't, and hadn't (wouldn't, shouldn't, and where's)

Turtle's Race with Beaver ~ her, person, nurse, dirt, turn, birth, serve, curb, curl, skirt, purse, and turtle (hamburger, surface, and perfect)

The Bremen Town Musicians ~ note, notes, lunch, lunches, story, stories, tune, tunes, switch, switches, baby, and babies (crumbs, supplies, and centuries)

A Turkey for Thanksgiving ~ tail, main, wait, say, away, play, raise, brain, paint, stay, today, and tray (holiday, raisin, and daily)

Pearl and Wagner: Two Good Friends ~ read, feel, easy, deep, seat, party, wheel, leave, windy, sleep, teeth, and team (wreath, season, and eagle)

Dear Juno ~ goat, hold, show, most, bowl, float, toast, ago, open, told, toad, and slow (almost, throat, and hollow)

Anansi Goes Fishing ~ basketball, someone, weekend, something, birthday, riverbank, bathtub, backyard, driveway, bedtime, raindrop, and mailbox (grandparent, rattlesnake, and earthquake)

Rosa and Blanca ~ find, child, sky, bright, wild, fly, right, flight, spider, cry, blind, and myself (frighten, arrival, and identify)

A Weed is a Flower ~ sooner, soonest, hotter, hottest, busier, busiest, happier, happiest, smaller, smallest, fatter, and fattest (angrier, angriest, straighter, and straightest)

The Quilt Story ~ ankle, title, apple, cable, purple, able, bugle, bundle, bubble, giggle, sparkle, and tickle (mumble, twinkle, and scramble)
Life Cycle of a Pumpkin ~ put, cook, stood, full, wood, July, shook, push, pull, brook, hook, and hood (pudding, cushion, and footprint)
Frogs ~ around, about, gown, sound, flower, howl, ground, pound, crown, south, mouse, and downtown (mountain, boundary, and drowsy)
I Like Where I Am ~ joy, noise, royal, moist, broil, cowboy, spoil, joint, foil, enjoy, destroy, and loyal (employee, corduroy, and turquoise)
Helen Keller and the Big Storm ~ too, new, fruit, blue, true, cool, suit, spoon, clue, juice, drew, and flew (cruise, nephew, and shampoo)
Firefighter ~ cheerful, visitor, slowly, weekly, teacher, helper, hardly, graceful, yearly, quickly, fighter, and sailor (gardener, competitor, and extremely)
One Dark Night ~ unsafe, preheat, rerun, disappear, unlock, retie, rewind, unpack, unplug, regroup, preschool, and disagree (prehistoric, unfortunate, and reunion)
Bad Dog, Dodger! ~ knock, sign, knee, wrong, write, climb, wrap, wren, gnat, lamb, comb, and knob (knuckle, plumber, and wrestle)
Horace and Morris but Mostly Dolores ~ phone, enough, stuff, laugh, puff, giraffe, graph, tough, photo, rough, cough, and cliff (dolphin, physical, and autograph)
The Signmaker's Assistant ~ talk, because, August, caught, draw, walk, chalk, auto, taught, thaw, fault, and launch (applause, audience, and awkward)
Just Like Josh Gibson ~ we're, I've, don't, can't, he'd, you're, won't, they're, I'd, they'd, she'd, and we've (could've, would've, and should've)
Red, White, and Blue: The Story of the American Flag ~ tried, trying, planned, planning, liked, liking, hiked, hiking, cried, crying, skipped, and skipping (danced, dancing, replied, and replying)
A Birthday Basket for Tia ~ mixture, nation, section, future, picture, action, caution, station, fixture, motion, nature, and feature (furniture, adventure, and tuition)
Cowboys ~ kindness, careless, goodness, useless, fearless, darkness, sadness, sickness, helpless, thankless, fitness, and weakness (awareness, eagerness, and wireless)
Jingle Dancer ~ midair, misplace, mislead, midway, misprint, midday, midweek, misbehave, midyear, mismatch, misdeed, and mistake (midstream, midnight, and misbehavior)
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